Our Book - "The Spiritual Law"

Moshe Szweizer

Moshe Szweizer


Rivka Schlagbaum

Rivka Schlagbaum

Have you ever wondered what God is like?

This book, detail by detail, describes God

There is a notion related to some forms of Visual Arts called "Picture Plane". It is most applicable to the art of painting but could be applied to many other forms of expression.

It was always an objective of many painters to express reality in the most truthful manner. While painting a landscape or a portrait they wanted to capture the reality. However, when trying to show every detail of the subject they became trapped in stiffness of the resulting art. Instead of being "real" their art was rigid and indeed artificial.

With the advent of Impressionism the above problem has been addressed in a very surprising manner. In order to achieve a realistic representation of the subject the Impressionists decided to introduce distortion within the "plane" of the picture. Among other methods, this could be achieved by thick application of the paint or by overexposing the texture of the canvas fabric.

The objective of such "picture plane" establishment was to force the viewer to look "through" the surface distortion and "into" the painting itself. In the process the eye needs to adjust to the problem introduced by the surface, but perceives the content of the picture as more realistic.

Our book contains a similar notion. You need to look through the distortion of the text and search for the underlying meanings. However, in the process you observe a very realistic description of God.

If you ever wondered what God is like, read this book to find out.

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Title: The Spiritual Law
Authors: Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum
ISBN 1-4116-2566-8