Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum


   Our life is a winding avenue leading to a singular destination. We elected hard work as the means to salvation, and the years of experience taught us how to understand value. It is known to anyone who is mature, that prosperity and fame are not as precious as time is. Life is short, even if itís long. The time that is wasted cannot be salvaged. This is why we strive to make the most of our time and push ourselves to the limit.

   We devoted our lives to formal studies. In the end, that brought us to an American university, where we studied toward the PhD in theoretical physics. On the way, we gained numerous skills and a depth and breadth of knowledge. We also learned how to expand our knowledge independently. We empower our knowledge through understanding, and this is how we commit information to memory.

   We are technically savvy. We achieve efficiencies through skilful usage of software and the ability to design and develop our programs. We also have knowledge and understanding of both pure and applied mathematics which we learnt to use effectively at work and in research.

You can find poetry here, a book and software.

Please enjoy your stay with us.

The Story of Black Opal (Mintabie)

Have you ever seen a black opal, unashamed in its beauty, shining? Like a dying star, trapped in the blackness of the night? Have you heard its story, how it came about, to rest in front of your eyes? It was taken from the land harsh and unforgiving; craving for a drop of dew, but it was born when an ancient sea caressed the shores of an unnamed land. There was a rock there, no one can tell how long before, it rested undisturbed waiting for her fame. And the ancient creatures, that aeons ago roamed that land, only their bones remain. But the rock saw them all, laughing at them, and saying: I was hardened in patience, eternities before your first egg was laid.

The rock was found by a woman, who picked up a shiny stone from the ground. She was followed by men, their eyes burning with determination. You will give your treasure to us! We will not stop until itís ours! But the rock laughed at them again. Come on! Hit me! Your hardened picks will not even scratch me! It was strength against resolve. Who can win this battle? But the men called their long beards, as witnesses to their perseverance, and the ragged shirts as proofs of their desire. And they split the rock with dynamite, if needed, only to capture the ancient splendor concealed within.

They gave it to a cutter, who had seen many like this before, each one an irreplaceable treasure. A river of light, hidden in a rock, is setting his hopes on fire. My wisdom is in my understanding, and my skill is in my patience. I am not afraid of your stubbornness. I will throw my diamonds against you. But when I expose your nakedness, even my heart will melt. Your light, reflected in the cutting wheel, is blinding me. The fire engulfed in black smoke. Rebellious against the darkness. You canít conceal me from your eyes, but I am enslaved in the rock. I am a burning coal, fighting against the despair of the night. I am the obsession, wrestling with the anguish of your heart. And when I cage you in a box, allowing people to see you. With eyes glazed, and lips trembling, they only utter three simple words. I want you.

                                                                                               Moshe Szweizer



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