Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum


There is a force that commands one's life
Like riches smell dragging in her direction
But being so makes time a pointless strife
Without offering space for true affection

There is a force seeking contentment
Despising sorrow of a stricken soul
Making one's life filled with resentment
Snubbing charity that makes life whole

There is a force of self-love extended
Seeking mirror's admiration to no end
Worshiped by those probing for splendid
Learning honesty is best curing friend

There is a force of superior feeling
Deeming to be better of people along
But this may be as corrupt as stealing
Making one's ego to be fearlessly strong

There is a force of searching for answers
Veiling own views so truth may emerge
Practiced by all knowledge advancers
Meekly old learning from error they purge

There is a force of global affection
Striving to bring all people as one
This is a force of personal connection
Bringing to union even as for fun

There is a force of humble awareness
Insignificant must find when compare
His life to creation seen in its fairness
Lowly person would notice just anywhere
A holy fortress on their minds
Brought fierce horse's craving
To become catch for their lads
A thousand years for braving
Blind bridge of hope's shreds
By partition of their heads
Locked after a day of saving
They built new city of gold
Brimful in nation's treasure
And erected an artist's tripod
Filled with grace to measure
But every city large or small
Has lanes to be seen not at all
Showing waste or displeasure


Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum COPYRIGHT 2011. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.