Download BitCrypt v4.1

BitCrypt is an elegant encryption utility that allows for storage and transmission of information in an undetectable manner. The application may be used to store plain text and hide it from any third party, or to send or publish the information through the means provided by the Internet. The program processes the user supplied text: firstly encrypting it with the ciphers, and subsequently storing it in a user selected bitmap image. This later step is called steganography, which means "to hide in an invisible manner". Both of these steps employ complex procedures to achieve their goal. At the same time, the program hides from the user the complexity of its inner workings. In fact the program is designed to be easy to use, and requires only a few steps to perform the task of storing and retrieving the text.

Download STAR Exam

English language perfecting game for 7 to 12 years old students. The game is based on STAR exam issued to primary and intermediate school students in New Zealand. The examination tests studentsí vocabulary, spelling, and the progress in the English Language comprehension. Even though the main purpose of the examination is to test the students who are native speakers of English, it may also be used for learning purposes. (read more about STAR English Language learning experience)

Download Hiragana Tiles

'Hiragana Tiles' is a simple game designed to allow for rapid learning of the most basic of Japanese symbol sets.

Hiragana consists of well over forty characters, which correspond to Latin vowels and syllabi. The game is designed to allow for learning of the sounding of the Hiragana symbols. These are indicated to the player and the recognition of the symbols is learned through the method of searching for the similarities of tiles used.

Download BitCrypt v2.1

BitCrypt 2.1 is a simple freeware product for protecting your confidential data such as passwords, emails, letters, documents and so on. Using a simple user interface, you select the files to be encrypted, and an image file on your PC. BitCrypt then encrypts the files, and "hides" them within the image, for a further level of protection!

This version of the product is completely free.