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I am trying to conduct an experiment. If successful it may be one of the most important experiments of this century. What I would like to establish is if God would sell his Spirit to a person. If you would like to participate in the experiment you would need to follow the "Soul Salvation" link below and make a payment. The amount is not that important, so even a single dollar would make a case. Please overcome your reservations and participate.

God reaches out so to rescue from misery. At the same time a measurable effort is needed from you so to breach the gap. It is like energy that you need to provide to move from one point to another. It is like willingness and a wish to come closer and closer to the saving power.

This is the third time I bring salvation to you. Again, you need to demonstrate the willingness to come closer. This time instead of showing your determination through penance, I ask you to pay a fee.

Soul Salvation

Stairway to Heaven


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